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New book i found + random stuff

So im reading a new book atm and it is kinda interesting. it was one of those random ones that I just pulled off the shelf and started reading with barely any idea what it would be like. Its called The Red Necklace and is set just before the French Revolution. its actually much more interesting than I thought, its very detailed and is really interesting to read as someone who loves writing!








On another note! I’m sick of stage 4 lockdown and just wanna go back to school! i really don’t like online school cos I get super distracted and to make matters worse I’m forcing myself to do a HEAP of exercise! that I really don’t like but you know its either that or not eat much!



Cant wait for life to get back to normal!





13th Aug, 20
inky State Library Victoria

I hear your frustration! Stage 4 lockdown is hard! Thank goodness for books. I'm a big Sally Gardner fan.

13th Aug, 20